Friday, May 20, 2011

3-Gun Nation's Video Response To ATF's Definition Of Sporting

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  1. Congress has sent trillions to not only the Cayman Islands, but many places unknown...all without our consent.
    USSC has ruled it's illegal to protect oneself from illegal entry by government officials and effectively nullified our 4A.
    Our pensions have been pillaged.
    Our dollars continue being devalued.
    Our industry continues to be moved to India and China.
    We all spout how if we ever were to catch a rapist in our home in the middle of the night, we'd kill the criminal, yet, the criminals like Lloyd Blankfein, George Bush, B Obama, Clinton, Bernanke, Holder etc we allow to steal, rape, pillage and murder without dropping the hammer.
    I'd say we're full of shi-.
    Cops, Secret Service, FBI, your pensions & savings too are being pillaged you fuxs...and nobody does a thing.