Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not Seen Often

I came across this little church outside of Kernersville, North Carolina this afternoon. Given the state of the Middle East these days, it's too bad there aren't more of these churches.

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  1. Actually I seem to remember reading sometime in the last decade that 90% (?) of the Arabs in the US are not Muslim; they are here precisely for that reason.

  2. Ever been to Dearborn Mich? Not a rare sight here.

    Although the adjective "friendly" is quite odd, as if the other arabic churches are not friendly.

  3. @HGA: From what I've read, most of the Palestinian Christians have left the area over time. The Lebanese in this country have usually tended to be Christian. I know I went to school with a number in Greensboro.

    @PT: Forsyth and Guilford Counties in NC have always had a strong Quaker presence since the 1700s. Friendly is a common name but usually not seen on churches.

    The oddity of Friendly and Arabic is what caught my eye - not the fact that they were Christians.