Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lenoir City, We Have Arrived

We arrived in Lenoir City, TN last night for the LuckyGunner blogger shoot. Despite being the start of the Memorial Day weekend, traffic moved along smoothly on I-40 even through the middle of Knoxville so we got here in about 2.5 hours.

The first person I ran into was Kenn Blanchard - A Black Man with a Gun - of the Urban Shooter podcast. I had just turned around from the check-in desk at the EconoLodge and there was Kenn! It was good to see him so soon after the NRA Annual Meeting. He rode with us to the pizza place to meet the rest of the bloggers along with Mike Mollenhour of LuckyGunner.

The place was crowded when we arrived. Lots of bloggers, podcasters, and others of our ilk. We shared a table with Old NFO (Jim Curtis), Sean Sorrentino, The Packet Man (Anthony), and Robert of My Tumultuous Adventure blog.  Linoge came in a few minutes later and we were also joined by Rob Reed who is the Detroit Gun Right Examiner. The very attractive Angela of LuckyGunner who did a superb job in organizing the event and the facilities was also with us.

There were a number of bloggers I didn't get to meet but look forward to meeting them this morning.

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