Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Suppressed KRISS Vector

Thanks to Sean Sorrentino for taking this video and for insisting that I *had* to shoot the Kriss. While the full auto version was down for cleaning, I did get a chance to shoot the suppressed semi-auto version. It was my first time shooting anything that was suppressed.

Suppressed firearms should be encouraged and not saddled with a six-month delay and a $200 tax stamp. I think the first step is to consider suppressors and silencers as AOW's or Any Other Weapons under the NFA is a good one. Even better would be to ditch the archaic attitudes towards sound suppression and remove them from the NFA list altogether.


  1. Hey, no problem. I knew I wouldn't be able to rave about how cool this rifle was unless you had a chance to shoot it and agree with me.

    The submachine gun was awesome. Even on full auto you couldn't miss.

  2. The suppressed semi- auto would be very close to my ideal home defense platform.

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