Monday, May 9, 2011

People I Missed Seeing At The NRA Annual Meeting

It is a shame we didn't see them hanging out on the floor of the Convention Center. I would have liked to have introduced them to Breda or NancyR or Laura. I would have reserved Tam for a later date as she might have been too much for Rachel and Meghan to handle.

UPDATE: After having her head almost explode the first time she watched this, Breda has recovered enough to give play by play comments on the McCain-Maddow video.


  1. "Semi-assault rifle"????

    I didn't even make it to the 5 minute mark, sorry.

  2. Agreed, Nancy. It was painful to watch.

    Maddow sure can spin some untruths and whine up a storm about the big bad NRA getting their way. If the NRA was as powerful as Maddow claims we would have repealed a lot more bad legislation by now.

    McCain kept saying she understands before demonstrating that she doesn't. McCain really needs some of Uncle Ted's fixing.

  3. @Link and Nancy: It WAS painful. As to Link's suggestion, it would have been a joy to watch Ted "interact" with the both of them.

  4. I was amused by Maddow pointing out that two members on the board make money manufacturing 'hi-capacity' if they wouldn't also make money selling reduced capacity magazines.

    We had to stick my wife's 17-rd standard capacity S&W M&P magazines into storage and buy several 10-rd reduced capacity magazines.

    Sounds like the manufacturers of low-capacity magazines will win out. Now I have to buy 3 for every 2 of the other I owned...

  5. @David - And they cost just about the same.

  6. My brain hurts listening to this. I'll attempt to rewatch it later, when the caffeine has settled in.

  7. Oh good lord. I'm with laura, this makes my brain hurt.

    I wouldn't be surprised if some of the things I and my fellow gunbloggers have said on our blogs have gotten us onto some kind of government "watchlist." That's not paranoia either. A secret list that you can't see, don't know how folks get on, and for which there's no criteria for getting onto or off of, should never be used to deny Constitutional rights.