Monday, May 16, 2011

A Class Act

If you have listened to shows like Tom Gresham's GunTalk or follow competitive pistol shooting, you know the name Rob Leatham. You also know he has won each and every Single Stack National Championship held before 2011. This year he came in second and this is his response that he posted on his Facebook page.
‎2011 Single Stack Nationals are history - in more than one way. Congratulations to Dave Sevigny, who won the match. Dave is the first and only to beat me at the USPSA/Springfield Armory Single Stack Nationals. He shot a great match. Neither of us had a single penalty. I lead through stage 9, and Dave took the lead after the 10th. It was a battle to the very end. My hat's off to you, Dave.
Rob Leatham is one class act.

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  1. I first met Rob Leatham while RO'ing a match at SWPL in the '80's. He was a class act then and I'm glad to see he remains so.