Monday, May 30, 2011

Comment Period Ends Tomorrow

The comment period for the ATF's proposed requirement on reporting of multiple sales of certain semi-automatic rifles ends tomorrow. There is still time to submit a comment. I have made it easy for you. To submit a pre-written comment just go here, put in your name, e-mail address, and optionally, your city and state. Hit "Send Email" and away it goes to the OMB.

Through 9pm Saturday evening, the form letter generator had sent 2,142 letters to the Office of Management and Budget opposing ATF's rule making. "P.T." sent the following screen shots of the number of entries received on Friday and on Saturday (through 9pm). The total number in that 48 hours is 2,401 according to his comments.

According to Sitemeter statistics, this blog had 2,556 hits on Friday and 2,440 hits on Saturday. My estimate is that 75% plus of those hits were in response to the letter generator. If you visited and didn't submit a letter, go back and do it!

If you want to submit a longer, more detailed letter, go to my post here and cut and paste it.

As to why you should do it, read Kurt Hofmann's post at the St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner. The title of his column says it all - "Celebrating those who died for liberty, too lazy to spend 1 minute to defend it?" Kurt notes, you aren't being asked to defend Bastogne against the Nazis like certain veterans from WWII were asked to do - and did. All we are asking you to do is take less than one minute to send a pre-written letter opposing the ATF's power grab.

In addition, read David Codrea's National Gun Rights Examiner column where he asks if gun owner apathy will allow ATF to impose this requirement. While you are at it, read what Chris Knox of The Firearms Coalition had to say about it. He gives you pre-written text that you can use if you don't want to take the easy way.

The tide in the war for gun rights has turned and we have won many battles lately starting with the Heller decision. This is not the time to become apathetic and complacent. It is time to drive home the win and keep the astro-turfing gun prohibitionists in retreat.

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  1. 2,757 as of 8:30pm today.

    I was combing through the ATF FOIA documents and saw an email from Aaron Kinnari, who emailed a pdf with 9,600 signatures in support of the proposal. He seems to run the MAIG website.