Friday, February 10, 2012

Back From Baltimore

Sorry for the light blogging for the last couple of days. I had to attend a company regional meeting in Baltimore.

With Maryland's uber-restrictive carry laws, I knew concealed carry was out. Moreover because I only had carry-on luggage, the next level of protection - a knife - was out as well. Thus, I was restricted to a tactical pen that I thought I could get past the oh so vigilant eyes of TSA.

I went with one of the new Sharpie stainless steel bodied pens. They are a bit slimmer than their markers but still seem substantial enough without screaming tactical. I have a couple of pens marketed as tactical but wasn't sure they would get past TSA. I'd rather lose a $4.57 pen to them than one that cost $25 or more.

The Sharpie pen actually writes fairly well and is comfortable for writing. Some tactical pens in my opinion are just too heavy for constant use.

As to TSA, they were actually easier to deal with in Baltimore than in Asheville. In Asheville, I had to go through the screener 3 times stripping off my belt and then my watch before I didn't set it off. I guess I should be thankful that I wasn't groped. The one thing that did creep my out a bit was seeing Big Sis Janet Napolitano playing on a video over the "security" check-point in Baltimore. A little bigger screen and it would have been right out of Apple's 1984 Superbowl ad.


  1. Rules for travel. Sneakers and sweat pants, change at arriving airport. I am surrounded by NY to the north 2 hours, NJ to the immediate east 30 minutes and MD to my south 30-40 minutes. It sucks. I feel like Custer, surrounded by savages!!

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  3. I might change from the sneakers to slip-ons. It can be a hassle to try and tie your shoes with everyone crowded around you.

  4. BWI seems less...offensive...than other airports. I wouldn't have expected it with its proximity to D.C. The last time I flew anywhere was right before the nude-o-scans were switched on. Did they have them functioning when you went through?

  5. Yeah, BWI is pretty good to fly in and out of (no complaints here). Next time you're in town, Laura and I will offer to buy you a beer! Despite our restrictive gun laws, we do have some good craft brewers (though not quite as good as Mike W.'s).

    Glad to know you made it to Marylandstan and back safely though.

  6. I live in asheville and haven't used their airport yet. Do they have body scanners? I opted out in atx and i was not to invasive, but this is just bull shit.

  7. @Laura: I don't think so. It just seemed like a metal detector to me.

    @FightinBluHen51: I'll take you up on that offer.

    @Spencer: TSA at AVL seems more decent than most. I think it was only a metal detector. Of course, my belt buckle and my watch set it off. I had to go through 3 times before I cleared. At least I didn't get the strip search after setting it off.