Saturday, February 25, 2012

Like I Said - An Attractive And Effective Spokesperson For Gun Rights

Emily Miller of the Washington Times was on Fox and Friends Weekend this morning to speak about the rise in gun ownership and gun use by women. I think she is correct when she attributes it to the desire for increased self-protection.

I think she did an excellent job in her interview. As I wrote earlier in the week, the unintended consequence of D.C.'s draconian gun laws was the creation of a new spokesperson for gun rights.


  1. She is growing on me. I think she has come a long way, and I do find her attractive. Early on, when she was appearing on Cam and Co. on NRA news, she annoyed me a bit, but I am slowly coming around.

  2. I think Mr. Richardson has called this one correctly: she is young, female, articulate, a member of the main stream media, and now an advocate for armed self defense, especially for women.

    I can hardly think of a worse P.R. disaster for the anti-gun movement, which much prefers to cast pro-gun people as older, conservative, ignorant, intolerant, men with small penis syndrome.

    Emily Miller contradicts the anti-gun narrative and is helping to re-frame the debate. That is what makes her dangerous to them.

  3. "and I do find her attractive."

    That's a relief.

  4. Emily notwithstanding, what strikes me about this interview is the idiocy of the two anchors asking the questions.

    Especially at the end. I mean, come on, does anyone actually know men like that twerp?

  5. This insipid culture has made him forget who he is: a free man, a free citizen, in a free country, living in a dangerous and oppressive world. At least Emily has nudged him toward toward who he needs in his life: good comrades, to take him aside and teach him. There's hope.