Thursday, February 9, 2012

Creating A Gun Rights Activist

Emily Miller just wanted a gun for protection at home. The District of Columbia still wants to delay the process as long as possible and put up as many bureaucratic roadblocks as possible the Heller decision notwithstanding. The end result is that as of today Emily Miller is officially a gun owner as she picked up her Sig P229 pistol and took it home. She is also now a gun rights activist.
Now, this series is far from over. As I've found, the hurdles placed before gun owners do not end here. I need to figure out the laws on getting ammunition and transporting the gun to a state that allows practice shooting.

Most of all, I intend to keep pushing the Council of the District of Columbia to rewrite the its laws to make them fair and constitutional for law-abiding Americans.
Emily has already testified before the DC City Council about her experience in obtaining her gun permit and her Sig P229. I fully expect that she will keep pushing the DC City Council to bring their gun laws in line with the rest of America.

There is an old saying that says politicians shouldn't pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the ton. This is exactly what DC just did as Emily is a senior editor at the Washington Times and I think that they will rue the day that they made it difficult for her to defend herself.


  1. I Hope you're right, but there are certain politicians that just don't care, who are certain that they know better what is good for us. D.C. is full of those politicians.

  2. How did she legally take the gun home? Was she legal to take the new gun on the Metro? Did she drive?
    Reciprocity is needed in a bad way. I want to be free in the whole country, including DC, Puerto Rico, Guam and any other US holdings.(US Virgin Islands, etc.)

    1. She did take it home on the Metro. As long as it was in a locked box, she was legit to go from the MPD to home any way she wanted. She had checked with the police and that's what she was told.

  3. My interest in activism was created the day I moved back to Los Angeles. Having been away, first in the military, and then after my discharge, I didnt give any thought to guns. I had them, used them at "work", all my firends had them, bought and sold them in parking lots, pawn shops and FFL's. They were just around, no big deal. I had never even voted in an election.

    Maybe not since Saul was on the road to damascus has someone seen the light more quickly than I did when I went to a local FFL (when I could find one) to buy an AR15 I saw online....

    They say that tyrants create their own worst enemys. I vote in every election, I write letters and make phone calls to politicians, I am NRA/CRPA member, I donate to money to SAF and JFPO, I volunteer for CGF and my local NRAMC... I eventually got my AR15 (with fixed magazine) thanks to and even though my wife and are leaving the people republic and workers paradise that is California, I will never quit advocating for the freedoms I at one time took for granted.

    Brenton Adams
    San Pedro, CA