Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm Sitting On A Fortune!

The Complementary Spouse and I got tired of being cooped up in the house by the cold weather and went junking this afternoon. By junking, I mean we went to a bunch of thrift shops and antique malls in Asheville.

One of the places is a combination bookstore and interior design/art/antique mall called the Screen Door. At one booth, I found a dish full of used rifle and pistol brass.

The prices were $1.50 for used 7.62x54R brass and $1.00 for the pistol brass. That is per piece! They made a big deal over the rifle brass being "Russian" as if it was some sort of exotic thing. The brass wasn't made into jewelry or some other trinket. It was just used brass that could have been picked up at any range.

Given those prices, I think we gunnies must be sitting upon an immense fortune with all the empty brass we have!


  1. Used brass made me laugh. It is an intelligence test for city folk.

  2. Too bad I live in the country where people are a little smarter about things like this, or I'd grab a bucket and head down to the range to make some big money. LOL