Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Gunny On Voting

The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (sic) has been running a campaign of sorts where they try to dish dirt on NRA Board Members. The Gunny, R. Lee Ermey, is one of the Board that they've profiled. Of course what they call "dirt" is, for the most part, what the rest of the world calls normal.

Now here is something that should really get them peeved. The Gunny is pushing voter registration. I am sure that they will find someway to say that the Gunny is demeaning librarians and is only encouraging gun rights extremism at the polls.

As someone who has been registered to vote since the day I turned 18 - and yes, I did it on my birthday - I think what the Gunny is doing is fantastic. There is no excuse for anyone who is pro-gun rights not to be registered to vote. That county commissioner or city councilman can do as much or more to restrict your gun rights as anyone running for President. Think about that.

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