Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This Is Enough To Give PETA The Vapors

The Audience Award for Best Short Movie at the recent Sundance Movie Festival was "The Debutante Hunters." It is a short movie directed by Maria White about a group of women hunters in South Carolina. It explores how they got started hunting and why they love hunting.

I think it is fantastic that this movie illustrates that hunting is not just a guy thing and that even the most girly-girls can and do enjoy hunting. Moreover, these are real women with real guns and not some group of "enhanced" models in skimpy clothing. Since the movie probably won't be appearing at a movie theater near you, I have embedded it below.


  1. The "vapors"!!! God I miss that way of talking. LOL!

  2. I'm a Deer Hunter myself what's price for a Woman Tag in S.C.?

  3. @Dannytheman: After all, the movie is about gentle ladies from South Carolina.