Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grass Roots NC On Anti's "Eat In Peace" Campaign

North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (sic) are starting a campaign called Eat in Peace. The aim is to encourage restaurants to post their establishments against legal carry if HB 111 passes.

Grass Roots North Carolina is calling them out on some of their lies and misstatements.
North Carolinians "Against Gun Violence" is publishing lies to disarm law-abiding restaurant patrons.

On its website, NCGV blatantly and dishonestly claims that HB 111 will "...force family restaurants and bars to allow loaded, concealed guns." See promulgation of this flagrant lie below and here:

The fact is that HB 111 will not prevent restaurant owners from posting against carry should they (unwisely) choose to do so. GRNC has always supported the property rights of restaurant owners while protecting the rights of gun owners.

Restaurant Association does not oppose restaurant carry

This is why THE NC RESTAURANT & LODGING ASSOCIATION (NCRLA) DOES NOT OPPOSE RESTAURANT CARRY AND HB 111! A letter documenting NCRLA's position on HB 111 is available here:

The only thing NCRLA ever opposed was an effort by anti-gun Rep. Deborah Ross (D-Wake, GRNC 0 star) to force restaurant servers to question patrons about whether they are armed - a hostile amendment GRNC removed from the bill long ago!

Republican lawmakers are deceived

The real tragedy is that Republican lawmakers have joined in NCGV's self-embarrassment by allowing themselves to be swayed by disinformation and tainted polls. As a result, HB 111 languishes in committee and has not been brought up for the hearing it deserves.

Will it require the deaths of more North Carolinians in Restaurant Homicides to force lawmakers to see the truth?

Danielle RIP

What about Restaurant Homicide?

Victims of Restaurant Homicide like Danielle Watson and her unborn child -- viciously stabbed to death just a few weeks ago by an ex-con in a restaurant where she was prohibited by law from protecting herself - indicate that a more appropriate slogan for NCGV's disinformation campaign is not "Eat in Peace, but rather...

"Rest In Peace"

How many more mothers and children will have to die in NC restaurants before the General Assembly rescinds dangerous laws mandating defenselessness?

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