Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Don't You Just Love This Photo!

Alan Gottlieb is holding the check from the City of Chicago in payment for the attorney's fees from McDonald v. Chicago. It totals $399,950.

I just love seeing the signature of Rahm Emanuel on that check!



  1. Just seeing the signature on that check makes me happy.

    Poor Tiny Dancer! Knowing his name is robo-signed there must be like gargling hot ashes and broken glass for him. :D

  2. They should have made Daley and each Chicago Alderman/woman sign it. It was their foolish pursuit. They spend their citizens' money so freely; and, sadly, that amount is but a drop in the bucket. Just a handful of police officer salaries.

  3. Who would ever think that the State of Shitago would use Chase bank since Daley's brother was on the board of directors. I knew that as I issued him a citation forcing him to appear in court.

    The croneyism never ends....

  4. Now we have Chicago's routing and account numbers to pay our bills!

  5. I needed a big smile today. That is awesome