Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bloomberg Brings The Dead Back To Life (Updated)

Bitter at Shall Not Be Questioned has a post on the late mayor of Freeland Borough, Pennsylvania, Tim Martin, who had been a member of MAIG. Mayor Martin passed away on September 2, 2010 due to cancer. Nonetheless, he has either been listed in advertisements or has signed letters to Congress and the President since that time on behalf of Mayor Bloomberg and his Illegal Mayors. I didn't realize that Bloomberg had such supernatural powers!
In fact, not only do they claim him as a member, but the deceased mayor has signed his name to at least two advertisements, three letters to Congress, and one letter to the President sent by Michael Bloomberg’s office. Now, just how on earth is Bloomberg getting a dead man to sign his letters? And why are media outlets running advertisements that are clearly fraudulent?

Go to Shall Not Be Questioned to see all the items that Mayor Martin signed from the grave.

UPDATE: It looks like Mayor Bloomberg and his Illegal Mayors don't like being exposed for frauds.They've responded with a statement saying that they had left a message with the late mayor's office but never had a call back.

I guess MAIG must be taking their cue from the way the Book of the Month Club and all the assorted CD clubs used to work. Those clubs would ship you the book or CD unless you responded saying you didn't want it. I wonder how many other mayors "signed" letters or "approved" ads with their names in it without ever having said yes or no.


  1. Make Bloomberg and others like him irrelevant. How? Refuse to work for them. Simple. From body guards to lawyers, accountants, groundskeepers to assistants, cooks, even barbers.

  2. Any mayor who is on the MAIG list and doesn't want to be (and several have been found based on voters reaching out to them) need to start a lawsuit for defamation. Something like that will get attention and results.