Tuesday, November 29, 2011

These Students Understand

The Complementary Spouse's nephew, Aaron Elam, is a freshman at the University of Kentucky. As part of a team project for an English class, he and his team submitted the video below arguing for concealed carry on campus. I think they not only did a good job but they understand just how defenseless they really are in so-called gun-free zones.

Congratulations to Aaron and the rest of his team for a job well done. Feel free to pass this video on as part of their assignment is to distribute it. Let's see if it can go viral.


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  2. Remember that the administration at VT TOOK AWAY the legal right of people on campus to defend themselves with these tools. They had allowed it, and then they made policy to remove it.
    It doesn't matter what their motivation was, doesn't matter who whispered in their ears about "reasonable gun control", doesn't really even matter if anyone at the time -wanted- concealed carry on that campus or not. They used the force of their authority to immorally remove the right of self defense with firearms.
    I hope more students get involved with http://concealedcampus.org/ and turn this madness around. Kudos to Aaron and his team.