Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"You Guys Are Behind It" - Attorney General Eric Holder

In a scene reminiscent of the Nixon Administration during the Watergate Scandal, Attorney General Eric Holder lashed out at a reporter for The Daily Caller. The reporter asked Holder for his response to the growing calls in Congress for his resignation over his role in Operation Fast and Furious. Holder's response?

Holder was at the White House to help launch the Intellectual Property Theft Campaign when he made his demand that The Daily Caller stop running articles about members of Congress asking for Holder's resignation.

Methinks the pressure is starting to get to the "cool guys" in the Obama Administration.

UPDATE: The Joyce Foundation funded hacks at Media Matters are applauding Holder's response to the reporter from The Daily Caller.
Either way, Holder is right: This isn't a grassroots movement of conservatives calling for Holder to step down, it's a concerted effort by a supposed media organization to push him out.
This reminds me of Baghdad Bob - Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf - who would insist that Saddam's army was winning as American tanks were rolling into the city. There are plenty of us in the grassroots who would like to see Holder gone. The reason the hacks at Media Matters don't recognize it is they don't know what real grass looks like. All they know is Astro-Turf.

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