Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Except If You Live In A Free State

The San Francisco Chronicle ran an article today about law enforcement officers under investigation in the Sacramento area for their weapons purchases. The investigation is being headed by ATF.

Under California law, a law enforcement officer can purchase handguns that are not on the California-approved list, standard (more than 10 round) capacity magazines, and what California defines as as an "assault weapon". They are also exempted from the 10-day waiting period. All that is required for purchases of magazines and handguns not on the approved list is for the LEO to show his or her credentials. A letter of permission from their sheriff or police chief exempts them from the 10-day waiting period and allows them to buy California-defined "assault weapons". Moreover, there are few limits or checks on how many of these weapons that an officer may purchase.

In other words, in California, law enforcement officers are treated just like you or me but only better.

With regard to purchases of AR-15s and the like with all of Sen. Dianne Feinstein's evil features, a spokesman for the Sacramento Sheriff's Department had this to say:
Sacramento sheriff's spokesman Jason Ramos said his department has an informal practice of letting deputies buy one assault rifle during their career, with the approval of the sheriff and the captain in charge of weapons and training.

"A guy can't be in the habit of every year or two buying another one," Ramos said. "You can't just be out buying these cool weapons."
To which my response is, sure you can...if you live in a free state.

H/T Josh


  1. Now you did it. Now I want an AR-15 to go along with my Saiga...because I live in a free state.

  2. @Larry : Talk to Sean. I got 2 AR lowers thru him for $65 each. He's friends with the owner of Templar in Apex.