Monday, November 21, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Sebastian at Shall Not Be Questioned has a very insightful look at the GOP field that he posted yesterday. As much as I don't really care for Willard Mitt Romney, given the problems every other front-runner has had - and the media's determination to sabotage them - it is looking more and more likely that Romney will be the last man standing. The Quote of the Day comes from a comment on Sebastian's post by "Gnarly Sheen".

This election feels more and more like someone taking you to a maximum security prison and asking you to pick whichever inmate you want to take care of your mother for the next four years.

Damn if Gnarly Sheen hasn't hit the nail on the head!

As to Sebastian's central position, that the next President could very well appoint 2-3 Supreme Court Justices and that is what really is at stake, I think he is right. Sandy Froman made that same observation at the Gun Rights Policy Conference when she quipped, "Pray for the Five". There are a lot of post-McDonald cases wending their way through the District Courts. We need appellate level judges who will stand by the Second Amendment and for that reason, and that reason only, I would vote grudgingly for Romney.

It's a helluva choice, ain't it?


  1. I don't think voting for Mitt will be any better a guarantee of getting decent Justices than having Obama in there. Bush 1 gave us David Souter, remember?

  2. I don't think voting for Mitt will be any better a guarantee of getting Justices than having Obama in there. Bush II tried to give us Harriet Miers, remember?

  3. I kept telling people a year or two ago that we should fight against Sotomayor's nomination, but they told me "Oh well, don't worry, it's no big deal because it's still 5-4." What a bunch of idiots--now we're fighting to keep 5-4 instead of keeping 6-3 or trying to improve to 7-2.

  4. @Rob K and Knitebane: I don't disagree that Souter and Miers were poor choices. However, I do think John Roberts and Sam Alito - Bush 2 - have turned out very good indeed.

    With Obama, I know we are going to get someone hostile to the 2A. With Mittens, we might or might not.

  5. "Sharp As A Marble" said it right: We're not going to be able to vote ourselves out of this mess.

  6. Problem is, Romney is a "moderate" Republican and therefore the choice of the Democrats and the MSM as they believe that if he's elected they'll be able to "work with him in a bipartisan fashion" and wind up continuing to chip vigorously away at the Constitution and other conservative obstacles to their progressive "wave of the future". As such, while something of a setback to the overall liberal/progressive plan, Romney will not really be too bad...for them.

    Just as an example, if Congress continues to refuse to generate a budget, what's Romney going to do about it besides whine? What chance is there that Romney will lead any substantial effort to actually repeal Obamacare? Would a Romney DOJ actually investigate and prosecute voter fraud and intimidation in any meaningful way? Would he put any priority on reforming the DOJ...or the ATF and FBI?