Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Michael Bane On Polymer Service Pistols

Michael Bane examines the different varieties of polymer-framed service pistols in this segment from an episode of last season's Best Defense TV program. He looks at the Glock, the Ruger SR9, and FNH FNP to illustrate the differences.

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  1. I enjoy Michael Bane a lot. The one comment I will make is that the safety lever for me is useless. If I am ready to shoot, I have my finger in the trigger. If I am not, I have my finger extended along the slide. There is no way for the Glock to shoot if your finger is off the trigger.

    Add a manual safety lever and now you have two things preventing the gun from shooting. Your finger is off the trigger and the safety is on. If I need to bring the gun back to the ready, I must now take an extra step of flipping the manual safety but my gun was not any safer because until that happens my finger was still extended along the slide and the gun could not fire anyway.

    If you are going to engage the manual safety and keep your finger on the trigger, you are breaking one of the 4 safety rules. So what' the point?

    I prefer the missing manual safety every time.