Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quote Of The Day No. 2

The second quote of the day comes from HotAir.com's Allahpundit. His reaction to Eric Holder's expected call today for more gun control as the solution to Operation Fast and Furious is spot on. And I do like his new proposed gun law.
Seriously, though, having Obama’s AG mumble about more gun regulation in front of a mic will accomplish two things. One: It’s bound to worry all sorts of swing-state gun owners in Pennsylvania and Ohio once word of his testimony gets around, which is all to the good for election day next year. Two: The more gun owners perk up about Holder’s testimony, the more public interest there’s bound to be in Fast & Furious. And hey — there actually is room for a smart new gun law here if Congress is willing to take it up. I call it the “DOJ Shouldn’t Walk Guns to Psychotic Mexican Drug Cartels Act of 2011.” The text reads, in full, “The DOJ shouldn’t walk guns to psychotic Mexican drug cartels.”

I’m thinking that would be a party-line vote in the House.

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