Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grassley On Breuer's Testimony

Sen. Chuck Grassley was interviewed by Cam Edwards and Ginny Simone about Assistant AG Lanny Breuer's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. Grassley said Breuer was a perfect example of what happens to people who try to stonewall Congress on oversight. He said the longer they hold off cooperating, the more egg they will get on their face when the facts eventually come out as they always do.

Holder and the rest of his cronies should heed this advice but I doubt they will.


  1. Hard to believe the same bunch of voters keep putting both him and Tom Harkin into the Senate at the same time.
    I guess that's why they call them Idiots Out Wandering Around.
    (I was born and raised in Iowa)

  2. Very good point. Harkin, whose "Vietnam service" consisted of ferrying planes to S. Vietnam, is a liberal lightweight. Grassley, who can be strange about certain things, has really stepped up to the plate on F&F.