Saturday, November 19, 2011

GRNC Alert For Garner, NC

The Town of Garner (North Carolina) is holding a meeting this coming Tuesday to discuss amending their local park ordinance to comply with HB 650. Grass Roots North Carolina believes that they will do the bare minimum possible and will attempt to make it as restrictive as the new law allows. Because of this, they have sent out this alert. Sean Sorrentino of An NC Gun Blog and a resident of Garner is heading up the efforts there.
Garner Anti-Self Defense Ordinance

As we have noted recently, the town of Garner is currently considering the issue of their local park ordinances in light of HB 650 which will go into effect on Dec. 1. Recent communications with council members indicate that they intend to offer up the bare minimum mandated by the new law. Meaning they plan to post in the few areas they are allowed to under a weakening amendment which GRNC fought to strip from the law. This allows them to post "recreation" areas. Communications with Council Member Buck Kennedy takes a tone that he believes they are doing you a favor by extending the carry areas as they are required by the new law.

Kennedy seemed unmoved when a constituent asked him to consider the following scenario:

You will say, "well, parents could just sit outside the immediate playground area and be within the law." I can just see it. "Sorry little Johnnie, Daddy can't push you on the swing because he would face 6 months and a $500 fine if he did." Or maybe "Oh, little Julie, I'm sorry you fell off the slide and broke your leg, but Mommy can't come hold your hand over there until the ambulance comes because she'd go to jail. Drag yourself onto the other side of this sign so I can help you."

There is also to consider the recent attempted kidnapping of a 3-year old from a Charlotte park. It would be revealed afterward that the criminal in this case had been arrested 102 times. The child's mother was forced to wrestle the man to the ground in order save her son from an uncertain fate. Her gutsy actions resulted in the man's 103rd arrest... and that is just in Mecklenburg County. Should a mother be forced to physically grapple with a male felon who has spent time in jail and could well be: 1) physically larger and stronger; 2) armed with a gun or knife; 3) drugged; 4) diseased from his time in prison and habitual drug use? All this to make those with an unreasonable fear of weapons in the hands of the law abiding feel better? Is this reasonable?

The Council of Garner may feel that the bare minimum is good enough but, gun owners want more than the bare minimum. Now it is up to you to attend the meeting and let them know this.

You will need to attend their next meeting on Tuesday, November 22. Contact Sean Sorrentino, who will be coordinating our efforts in Garner at for more information.



You may email or call the following people and let them know in a respectful manner that you wish them to permit more than the minimum that they are legally required to:

Mayor Ronnie S. Williams - 919-773-4404;
Mayor Protem Kathy Behringer - 919-772-3515;
Council Member Ken Marshburn - 919-662-0902;
Council Member Jackie Johns, Sr. - 919-772-0929;
Council Member Gra Singleton - 919-772-0924;
Council Member Buck Kennedy - 919-624-3696;

Attend the Meeting

All citizens of Garner MUST ATTEND the meeting on November 22 at Garner Town Hall, Building B in the Council Meeting Room.

Bring polite but pointed signs with the themes that

  • Concealed handgun permit-holders have proven themselves responsible; and...
  • People should be able to protect their families.

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  1. Thanks for the link, John.

    I know that the Town will be asking their Parks and Rec employees to show up. That's what they did last time. We need as many gun owners as possible to show up and make our case.