Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quote Of The Day

The Daily Caller reports today that Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department tried to manipulate the press coverage of Operation Fast and Furious prior to a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on November 1st.

The Justice Department selectively leaked documents about earlier gunwalking that were delivered to the Senate Judiciary Committee on October 31st. The goal was to make Sen. Chuck Grassley's questions appear partisan when he asked about Operation Fast and Furious.

Ed Morrissey writing in HotAir.com has this to say about the attempt at manipulating the press:
Well, it’s no big deal, right? It’s not as if this is a life-and-death issue. Oh, wait …

Scandal-free, my foot. If this administration had nothing to hide, it wouldn’t be so desperate to manipulate the media and dodge Congressional oversight. It’s long past time for Eric Holder to resign. It might be time for the Senate to block all Obama nominees until he fires Holder.

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