Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Bit Of Honesty From The Times

The New York Times, or as SayUncle appropriately calls it, the paper of making things up, let slip a little bit of honesty today. In the midst of a column opining that if we could just agree on "reasonable gun regulation" the National Rifle Association would cease to exist, Andrew Rosenthal had this to say:
The question of the constitutional right to own guns is irrelevant here—even if you believe that the Constitution gives every last American the right to own a firearm (which The Times editorial board does not, but many other reasonable people do).
The rest of the column was your usual litany of complaints about concealed carry, the Tiahrt Amendment, and the lack of restrictions on the number of firearms we are allowed to purchase. In other words, just a rewritten press release from the likes of MAIG or the Brady Campaign.


  1. John, I am floored. I actually find myself agreeing with the NYT editorial board. The Constitution does NOT in fact give "every last American the right to own a firearm." The natural right to armed self-defense pre-exists the Constitution and is in no way dependent on it. All the 2nd Amendment does is tell the gov "hands off." ;>)