Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Tab Clearing

I read a number of posts and stories over the weekend that I just don't have the time to do a full post on. Therefore, here for the first time is a tab clearing post.

In mostly good news from New Jersey, Brian Aitken had two of three gun charges against him tossed by the New Jersey Supreme Court. Brian, if you will remember, is the young man who was sent to prison for seven years for firearms that he legally bought in Colorado and was transferring to his new residence in New Jersey. His sentence had been commuted to time served by NJ Gov. Chris Christie.

Firing ranges are under fire in the Pacific Northwest and none more so than the range of the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club in Kitsap, Washington. A local judge had declared the range a public nuisance and ordered it closed. The club has requested a stay while they appeal this decision.

Paul Valone, President of Grass Roots North Carolina, had an op-ed published in the Charlotte Observer regarding North Carolina's recently adopted Castle Doctrine. He defends it against critics in the media noting that four weeks after its effective date it shielded a 14-year old teenager who had shot a home invader while protecting his sister.

In a generally positive story from California, the Ventura County Star has a story on the growth of women taking up shooting. and have a good time while doing it. The story did have the requisite tut-tutting from Brady Campaign's local rep which was balanced by the NRA-ILA's Stephanie Samford.

Lest we forget what yesterday's date was, there is this post on the N.U.G.U.N blog which says he's going to the dark side and joining the anti's. Or is he?

Finally, Sheriff Jim Wilson had a short post on what he calls "classy gun rigs" which highlighted some very nice gun leather from Mike Barranti of Barranti Leather Company.

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  1. On the Brian Aiken story. I am very happy to see most of the charges dropped, I am hoping he takes his last case up the chain to get it over turned. Who doesn't use hollow points? They are safer than round nose in self defense uses IMHO.

    What really strikes me is that he moved back to Colorado and has lost his ability to legally own a gun. All because of the draconian laws of a 2nd amendment hating, progressive State. NJ has lost many of it's staunchest gun friendly people who just moved west to PA to have, what must seem to them,incredible gun freedoms.

    We must not lose sight of our having all 50 States and territories recognize the 2nd amendment for what it is!