Friday, April 13, 2012

Obligatory Booth Babe Picture

I like attractive women as much as the next guy but sometimes booth babes just are a bit over the top. There were a number scattered around the various exhibits of the NRA Annual Meeting.

Below is a picture of the young lady sitting at the ATI - American Tactical Imports - booth. I don't know who she is or why it was important to feature her at their booth but she seemed a bit more over the top than some of the other booth babes. I'm sure she is a nice person (or at least I hope so) but the ultra low-cut top and funky stockings just don't make it for me.

I wish companies would realize that as more women come into the gun community that stuff like this turn will them off. They don't mind seeing attractive women. They just want them to be like a Julie Golob or a Jessie Harrison-Duff - attractive and accomplished shooters. It isn't too much to ask.


  1. SHOT has some of these too, but the booths with the absolute biggest draws were serving free coffee, drinks, food and in some cases, beer.

    I went to the last gun show in Chantilly, VA and it was well traveled by the young gals from Hooters in full regalia. There is a Hooters in the same parking lot and they were handing out coupons or something at the show.

    Most gents were focused on the guns. Their sons, on the other hand...


  3. The booth babe in the photo is the face of "Ted Nugent Ammo". I'm with you though, I much more enjoyed meeting Julie Golob and fellow Virginian and 16 year-old member of Team Glock, Tori Nonaka. Both are very accomplished shooters. And, what I like most is they both starting shooting with their dad (I have two daughters who can't wait to shoot too).