Friday, April 20, 2012

Stuff You Just Can't Make Up

A couple of the biggest stories in the news the last few days are the Secret Service sex scandal involving Colombian prostitutes and that President Obama ate dog as a child. How do you combine the two?


Just read this excerpt from a story from Australia which features pictures of one of the hookers.

The Secret Service did not identify the agents or eight others it said remain on administrative leave.

However two of the agents were named by media as David Chaney and Greg Stokes. Mr Chaney was allowed to retire while Mr Stokes, who is said to be head of the Canine Training Section, was fired. The third agent resigned.


  1. Why would anyone care if President Obama ate dog as a child?

    1. @Chase: While I might agree with you, it is going gangbusters on the Internet. Just read the last couple of days of Instapundit or see some of the jokes on Twitter.

  2. The interesting thing is prostitution IS legal in Columbia, so unless they compromised classified, I'm wondering WHAT they are using to fire these guys... As far as I know, they broke no laws...