Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh, Those Evil Gun Companies And The Evil NRA

The Violence Policy Center has their panties in a wad over a donation that Glock, Inc. is making to organizations within the National Rifle Association. Frankly, I think they are jealous that the Joyce Foundation doesn't give them this much money with which to put out more spurious reports.

I agree with Miguel that the VPC will have even more PsH's when Ruger presents the final installment of their $1 million  $1.2 million dollar challenge check to Wayne LaPierre at the NRA Annual Meeting.

From Glock's press release in part:
Smyrna, GA - GLOCK, Inc. will donate a total of $115,000 to four separate organizations within the National Rifle Association (NRA) during the 2012 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits held in St. Louis, MO, Apr. 12 - 15. GLOCK, Inc. Vice Presidents Gary Fletcher, Chad Mathis and Josh Dorsey, alongside spokesman R. Lee Ermey, will make presentations to each group inside the GLOCK, Inc. exhibition booth (#2031) on Friday, April 13, 2012 at 10:00AM.

"There are millions of NRA members and thousands of certified NRA firearms instructors who continue to protect our Second Amendment rights and help to promote firearms safety," said GLOCK Vice President, Gary Fletcher. "It's important for us at GLOCK, Inc. to recognize that commitment by supporting the NRA and its affiliate organizations."
The full release can be read here.


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  2. Of course guns are a problem and people should stop buying in to idiotic arguments. Since Americans have ecome gun nuts we have lost a lot of people that shouldn't have been lost to gun violence to deny that is just a bald faced lie. Of course the gun crazies are big liars and totally full of themselves. They should be made aware that they are responsible for all of those 5 and 6 years olds dying. It is primarily on them for rejecting common sense gun control. I hope thye all rot in hell. What would really serve them right is if the gun nuts would wipe out all of their families. But the reality of life is that the big old fat pigs live on while the innocent children victims die.