Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kelly McMillan On NRA News

Cam Edwards of NRA News interviewed Kelly McMillan of McMillan Group International on Monday about the Bank of America's decision to drop his company as a customer. Mr. McMillan noted a few things that haven't come out about the story before.

First, his company and a bank representative have had a regular meeting about this time of the year to do a review. Because of this, he didn't go into the meeting expecting what happened. He said it hit him "like a kick in the stomach."

Second, when the banking relationship with Bank of America was started, the McMillan company involved was McMillan Firearms Manufacturing. It is hard to see, as Mr. McMillan notes, how Bank of America could not know they were involved in making firearms given that company name.

Finally, Mr. McMillan wanted to be clear that the Bank of America VP, Ray Fox, did not indicate this was a corporate bank policy. Moreover, he said he had never made a statement himself indicating it was a corporate policy when he posted on Facebook. Nonetheless, the Bank of America VP did say to him that they didn't want his business because he was in the firearms industry. All I can say is from my experience in the corporate world is that there are written and unwritten corporate policies.

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    so who is Ann Pace? Why does BoA work with Freedom Group and shun McMillan? this is so interesting.