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Grass Roots North Carolina Issues Scorecard For NC Primary

With North Carolina already having started its one-stop early voting last week for the May 8th primary election, Grass Roots North Carolina's Political Victory Fund has released its recommendations which can be seen below.

GRNC has also released their ratings (separate from the PVF recommendations) of all the candidates - Democrats, Republicans, or Libertarians - who are running for Congress, Governor, Lt. Gov., Council of State, and the General Assembly. Candidates can be found by electoral race or by their last name.

GRNC-PVF is distinct from GRNC
By law, we are restricted from using organizational money to influence elections. The Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund is the tool we use to elect pro-gun lawmakers and throw out anti-gunners. The GRNC-PVF is North Carolina's federally registered political action committee. We use it to make political donations and to run radio and newspaper ads for and against candidates.
GRNC-PVF Recommendations:

US House:

District 2(R): Vote for Elmers

District 3(R): Vote for Jones

District 4(R): Vote for D'Annunzio

District 5(R): Vote for Foxx

District 6(R): Vote for Coble

District 7(R): Vote for Rouzer (due to 100% pro-gun voting record in NC Senate)

District 8(R): Vote for Robinson (Keadle is equally good, but Robinson's charisma makes him slightly more likely to beat Kissell in the General Election)

District 9(R): Vote for Pittenger: Do NOT vote for Pendergraph. Despite submitting a survey with a score of 95, Pendergraph's performance as Mecklenburg Sheriff reflected unwillingness to sign Form 4s or to issue handgun purchase permits in a timely fashion. Killian has an excellent record of pro-gun votes in the NC Senate, but is unlikely to win the race. Pittenger has a 100% pro-gun record from the NC Senate and is the best bet in this race.

District 10(R): Vote for McHenry, who has been a leader on gun issues both in the NC House and in Congress.

District 11(R): Vote for Meadows, who has made support for the Second Amendment a large part of his campaign.

District 13(R): Vote for Coble

NC State Positions

NC GOV(R): Vote for McCory. Although other candidates scored higher on GRNC surveys, McCrory is the most likely to beat Etheridge in the General Election. Given Etheridge's abysmal 21% voting record in Congress, gun voters should cast votes to most effectively keep him out of office.

NC LT GOV(R): Vote for Folwell

NC TREAS: Vote for Royal


District 1(R): Vote for Cook

District 2(R): Vote for Sanderson

District 11(R): Vote for Newton. A former Jesse Helms staffer, in his freshman year Newton earned a co-chair position on the Judiciary II Committee through which gun bills are generally referred. He not only facilitated Senate passage of omnibus gun rights bill HB 650 - which contained Castle Doctrine, parks carry and much more - but actually wrote language to further strengthen Castle Doctrine. Newton is a leader for gun rights and the clear choice in this race.

District 12(D): Vote for Davis

District 18(R): Vote for Bradley. In his first term in the NC House, Bradley not only compiled a perfect 100% vote record on gun issues, plus sponsoring or cosponsoring numerous pro-gun bills, but also demonstrated willingness to buck centrist party leadership. Given the chance, this guy will become a gun rights hero.

District 26(R): Vote for Berger. With a long history featuring a 100% pro-gun vote record and of sponsoring pro-gun legislation, as Senate President Pro Tempore, Berger initially appeared to have let inertia settle in as the Senate refused to give a vote to concealed carry in restaurants. After months of pressure, however, he appears to have "seen the light" and has promised a vote on restaurant carry in the upcoming session.

District 27(R): Vote for Wade. With a perfect 100% voting record in previous term of the NC House, Wade is the clear choice in the race.

District 29(R): Vote for Tillman. With a perfect 100% gun rights voting record, he is the clear choice.

District 33(R): Vote for Bingham. With a perfect 100% gun rights voting record, he is the clear choice.

District 38(R): Vote for Rivette

District 41(R): Vote for Tarte. Although Aneralla would likely vote pro-gun, Tarte demonstrates the passion and desire to sponsor pro-gun legislation and is likely to be a leader for gun rights. His mediocre survey score (which he says was the result of misinterpreting survey instructions) is more than offset by the fact that as mayor of Cornelius, the town has never adopted restrictions on concealed carry in parks.

District 44(R): Vote for Carney. Ray might be a second choice, but in previous terms she dropped several votes and generally had to be pressured to vote with gun owners.

District 45(R): Vote for Soucek. In his first year, he compiled a 100% voting record on gun issues plus sponsored pro-gun legislation. He is the clear choice in the race.

District 48(R): Vote for Apodaca. In addition to a long pro-gun voting record, as Chairman of the Rules Committee he has generally been accommodating to giving pro-gun legislation committee hearings. He is the clear choice in the race.

District 49(R): Vote for Clark. In previous Senate terms, he compiled a 100% pro-gun voting record plus a willingness to stick his neck out for gun owners. He is the clear choice in the race.


District 2(D): Vote for Crawford.

District 3(R): Vote for Speciale

District 10(R): Vote for LaRoque

District 16(R): Vote for Thomas'

District 19(R): Vote for Davis

District 35(R): Vote for Cutlip

District 44(R): Vote for Button

District 49(R): Vote for Capps

District 50(R): Vote for Chambers or Chaney, not Hannah

District 59(R): Vote for Cook

District 67(R): Vote for Burr

District 73(R): Vote for Hollo

District 74(R): Vote for Brown

District 76(R): Vote for Ford

District 79(R): Vote for Whiteheart. This is a case in which GRNC refuses to support a mediocre incumbent simply for incumbency. Julia Howard voted twice against gun owners in the last session while Whiteheart, as county commissioner, successfully lead the charge to prevent Forsyth Co. from adopting restrictions on concealed carry in parks. Whiteheart is the clear choice.

District 84(R): Vote for Mitchell

District 92(R): Vote for Jeter

District 94(R): Vote for Goudreau

District 95(R): Vote for Brawley. Despite a mediocre survey, Brawley racked up a 100% pro-gun voting record in previous terms of the NC House.

District 97(R): Vote for Saine

District 110(R): Vote for Hastings, who has fought tenaciously for gun rights in his first term.

District 117(R): Vote for Snyder. Incumbent McGrady twice voted against gun owners last year, and orchestrated the weakening of pro-gun legislation. Afterward, he was caught on videotape bragging about it to a leftist group.

District 118(R): Vote for Keilman

District 120(R): Vote for West.

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