Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For Some Reason That Number 55 Just Resonates With Me Today

I'm of an age where I do remember the nationwide 55 mph speed limit as well as the lines for gas due to the Arab Oil Embargo. Does that make me old? Does that make me like 55 or something?


  1. Happy Birthday! Now go get your McDonalds senior coffee ;)

    I hear it is sort of like the Wally World Walk for new CCWers

  2. God.. I remember waiting in line on my odd day to get 10 dollar limit. PA had an even and odd day depending on your State Inspection sticker date. I used to cruise down the Atlantic City Expressway at posted 70, really 79, and get there in 75 minutes. Then the 55 arrives and 90 minute sleeper ride started.

    I think the posted limit on Interstates should be 80 today!