Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wayne's Speech At The NRA Members Meeting

As I reported yesterday, Mitt Romney's speech at the Leadership Forum was received with a polite, if not enthusiastic, response. By contrast, the speech by Wayne LaPierre at the Members Meeting received a much more enthusiastic response. I'm not sure of how many people attended each event.

Both spoke of freedom and the Second Amendment but Wayne's speech was much more pointed, more aggressive, and provided more "red meat" to his audience. As a result, Wayne got more standing ovations from the crowd. He also had better lines.

Some of them include:

"We are less free today than we were a decade ago"

"The UN doesn't have a right to mess with our freedom. No way, no how!"

"We will never surrender our guns!"

"national news media is a national disgrace"

(In response to report's of the NRA's demise) "We're still here and aren't going anywhere but the polls on election day."
The full speech can be seen below:

Bitter of Shall Not Be Questioned has more on Members Meeting here and here.

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