Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Concealed Carry Apron

Now this is interesting. A woman in Roanoke, VA has invented what she is calling the Apron Gun Holster. It is a double-layered apron with two pockets - right and left - for your compact pistol.

A video report on this holster by WDBJ-7 Roanoke can be seen here.
Eliane Coleman Niemann has owned The Health Shelf, a full service herbal wellness center, for 18 years. She got quite a scare one day in 2009 and thought she was going to be robbed. Nothing happened, but an idea was born. It's called the Apron Gun Holster.

"I didn't want my customers to come into a health store and be talking to me about their health, and I'm doing reflexology on their feet and then seeing a pistol on my side," said Niemann.
What makes this story doubly interesting is that Ms. Niemann is both a concealed carry permit holder and an African-American. If one listened to black politicians such as Jesse Jackson Sr., this woman doesn't exist but she most certainly does.

According to her website, the Apron Gun Holster is available for both men and women. She will also do custom ones in leather and other fabrics.

While I prefer to carry on the strong side, I do see her point especially given that she works in alternative health. I hope she does well with this.


  1. I'd be interested to see how the apron functions on the draw. I see a possibility of it pulling up on the draw at the worst time. I think this is great. I hope innovation keeps advancing in leaps and bounds in the area of concealment.

  2. This could be good for people that own restaurants and the other places mentioned on the website and more comfortable than other holster options, too, but I agree with 45er. I wonder if the fabric would pull up when trying to draw. The pockets are straight up and down. Seems as if it might be better if they were angled. Still a great idea!