Tuesday, June 12, 2012

John Cornyn Goes For The Jugular

This weekend we watched a bit of the French Open tennis tournament. It is always interesting to watch really good tennis players set up their opponent for the kill shot. At first it just seems that they are in a long rally with the ball going back and forth (and back and forth). In reality, they are maneuvering their opponent into position for the put away. It is a joy to watch when it all comes together.

So, too, it was with today's Senate Judiciary Committee when Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) led Attorney General Eric Holder into that trap. Cornyn starts off by asking questions about the investigation into the national security leaks and the people appointed to run the investigation. The questions start off looking like easy lobs. Cornyn then goes for the jugular at which point Holder realizes he's just been trapped. He tries to escape but Cornyn doesn't let him.

It was a joy to watch.

The full 12 minute exchange can be found here if you are interested. An abbreviated version of the "kill shot" is below which should stop at the 6:51 mark.

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