Saturday, June 16, 2012

Down The Shore

As my friends in New Jersey and the Philly area might say, we are going down the shore. Or as we in the Carolinas might say, we're goin' to Myrtle as in Myrtle Beach, SC. Actually, we are going just south of there to Surfside Beach.

It is a family vacation and we'll have a house full of people. I think my count for tonight is around 16 with a high of around 20 sometime during the week. It will be organized chaos but a whole hell of a lot of fun.

As you might expect, the blogging this coming week will be hit and miss. I am bringing a handful of DVDs that I need to review including "Make Ready with Michael Bane - Concealed Carry" which arrived in the mail yesterday. You can expect a full review on that when I get back.

I think I have everything packed and ready to go. I have the rum (dark and light) for Tiki drinks, I have the good bourbon for toasting anniversaries, a few Aloha shirts, and my bathing suit. Sounds about right!


  1. Don't count us Philly folks out, we go to Myrtle, too. North Myrtle. I gave up on the Jersey shore 18 years ago.

    I love the Rt 17 corridor. Food, fun and adventure..(Alligator adventure?)

    Have fun and enjoy!!