Friday, June 15, 2012

Great Ad From The American Future Fund

I'll be honest. I've never heard of the American Future Fund nor of any of its board members. That said, they just put out a great ad taking the Obama Administration to task over Operation Fast and Furious.

It is a shame that this ad is only an on-line advertisement. The Powerline Blog says it should be playing TV in all the swing states and I heartily agree. They also said this about it.
With calls for Eric Holder’s resignation growing–John Cornyn’s is the most recent–the time is right. The beauty of pounding away on Fast and Furious is that the administration can’t respond. Until now, Barack Obama and Eric Holder have simply counted on the liberal media to help them cover up the scandal. Holder refuses to answer such an elementary question as who authorized the program, and he feels free to lie in a blatant and arrogant manner. If Fast and Furious is suddenly all over television, what is Obama going to do? Start giving speeches about it?

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