Friday, June 29, 2012

Well, This Is A Shock...Not

The Department of Justice announced today that they will not prosecute Attorney General Eric Holder. I know that is a shock to everyone that they won't prosecute their own boss. I guess they have forgotten that they took an oath not to Eric Holder and not to Barack Obama but to the Constitution.


  1. Well, they wouldn't be able to do an objective prosecution, which is why a special prosecutor is needed.

  2. @Sam: My suggestion for who should be the Special Prosecutor is Trey Gowdy. He has the experience and he has the passion.

  3. Dave Hardy for Special prosecutor, and Vanderbough as investigator :)

    BIG tactical unforced error announcing so quickly that they won't prosecute: They could have delayed the announcement for a few months (or more). Now the House is free to act.

  4. @Anonymous: I'm not a lawyer, nor a legal eagle. However, I heard that a specific request went out that if they were not planning on prosecuting him to not drag it out and inform them. Bravo.

    If I was an up-an-coming lawyer within DOJ, I wonder if it would be a real career advancement move to take on the task and do a real, impartial prosecution or would it be employment suicide? If the AG is as dirty as I know he is, maybe this would work out well. If not, very problematic!

    I'm waiting for one of the mainstream media outlets to go rogue and all Nixon-era outrage on the DOJ and administration to scoop everyone else. Eventually, the truth is going to come out and the cover up is often worse than the crime, but not in this case. Hard time for Holder and maybe the POTUS would go a long way in providing justice (for illegal arms-trafficking, conspiracy, perjury, accessory to murder, etc).

  5. @Braden Lynch: There have been many specific requests to the DoJ, failure to comply are the root of the contempt hearing.

    Tactically, the Obama misadministration could have delayed the decision to after election day, by claiming they were 'studying' the situation. Not that I mind my enemies acting stupidly, but this was indeed stupid. Whatever happens now is pretty well scheduled by the GOP.