Thursday, June 14, 2012

Who's The Bigger Idiot?

I'm trying to figure out who in this case comes across as the bigger idiot - the media or the sheriff and his staff

On Tuesday, the Broward County Sheriff's Department arrested the owners of a pain clinic in Pompano Beach (FL) on charges of money laundering, racketeering, and prescription drug trafficking. They then seized guns and money from the owners' home and office.

As to who comes off like the bigger idiot, I'll let you make the call.

First, here is the lead paragraph of the story by Linda Trischitta of the Sun Sentinel:
The confiscated arsenal includes two short-barreled assault rifles, a portable rocket launcher case and a tiny .22-caliber pistol that would fit in a brassiere.
Including "a portable rocket launcher case" in the list of a "confiscated arsenal" is pretty stupid. Reporters are not known for having gun smarts. However, it seems the sheriff of Broward County and some of his staff are trying to out-stupid the media when it comes to firearms.

Sheriff Al Lamberti had this to say:
During a news conference at BSO's Fort Lauderdale headquarters, Sheriff Al Lamberti called the firearms array "scary" and "sophisticated" and "not the day-to-day, target practice weapons you'd normally see."

But, officials acknowledged, the bulk of the weapons had been legally purchased.
You almost expect him to say the doctors arrested had firearms with that shoulder thing that goes up.

Sgt. Ted Taranu of the BSO then displays the arrogance (and stupidity) that serves to tarnish the reputation of all the good law enforcement officers out there:
The olive-green rocket launcher case did not contain its projectile, and was harmless.

Sgt. Ted Taranu of BSO's gun squad said it is not illegal to possess such a souvenir, but that a civilian really shouldn't have one.

"The military controls such equipment that could perhaps be bought at a gun show or from a private collector for around $500," said Taranu. BSO will now try to determine who bought it, and from where.

Sheriff Lamberti, by the way, is a Republican. It goes to show that Democrats don't hold the license on making anti-gun comments nor that Republicans are always pro-gun.

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  1. What a load of pig manure!

    Most people around here have stuff laying around that would cause that sheriff and his ilk to have monster diarrhea!

    Just another perfect example of 'I know better than you what you can own or possess.'