Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Keeping Democrats Drunk In Charlotte

The Democratic National Convention is going to be in Charlotte, North Carolina just after Labor Day.

North Carolina has state-run ABC Stores. For those living in more enlightened climes, ABC Stores are our liquor stores and not something with teacher supplies. Though, on second thought, a case could be made for that near the end of a long school year.

The ABC Stores are closed on Sundays and five holidays including Labor Day. Bars and restaurants in Charlotte are afraid they might run out of booze with all the Democrats in town so a bi-partisan group of Mecklenburg County legislators are seeking an exception.
A bipartisan coalition of Mecklenburg County legislators introduced a bill to the N.C. House making sure visitors to the Democratic National Convention can guzzle with gusto after getting off the plane.

The bill would keep the Alcoholic Beverage Control stores in Mecklenburg County open on Labor Day Monday for this year only.

The holiday exception means local stores wouldn’t be closed for two days in a row – so restaurants, hotels and caterers could stock up on spirits ahead of thousands of convention arrivals. The DNC runs Sept. 4-6.

“Whatever we can do to make the process smooth for members of the national media and members of the national political community visiting Charlotte,” said Rep. Bill Brawley, a Republican from Matthews and one of the sponsors of the bill. “I think good manners require us to do that.”
 Keeping Democrats drunk is something I think we can all agree on.


  1. Not to be too much of a contrarian ... but since the statist progs like to screw over the citizens every SINGLE weekend then they can go to hell