Monday, June 18, 2012

Restaurant Carry Still Delayed In NC

While the North Carolina State Senate ponders (and ponders) HB 111 - the restaurant carry bill - another restaurant was robbed. Grass Roots North Carolina just sent out another alert about it last night.
They choose to block important legislation while restaurant patrons and employees
continue to be victimized

News released on Friday, June 15, 2012 reports that several local and surrounding Fayetteville area restaurants have been hit in a string of robberies in the past 30 days. On Friday, surveillance video was released showing the suspects clearly wielding handguns during the most recent robbery at a Fayetteville Hardee's Restaurant on June 1st.

Had this crime happened while you were having dinner with your family at your favorite restaurant, would state law have prevented you from legally protecting yourself and your family?

While criminals continue to ignore laws and endanger the lives of citizens in restaurants around the state in crimes conducted regularly, Senator Phil Berger and the Senate Republican leadership have intentionally blocked HB 111 for no other reason except cowardice. They have decided that Democrats might just say bad things about them during the upcoming election cycle if the bill is passed. Instead of honoring their promises to law-abiding gun owners who helped put them in power, they have decided that they are too busy to deal with the bill on the Senate floor in the form of a vote.

Enough is enough!

Accept no more attempts to dodge the issue by the Republican leadership in the Senate. They've passed the budget, they've worked hard in the current session and have announced that there is finally an official state "Livermush Festival", and now they have run out of excuses. Now is the time for the Senate Republican leadership to lead as they have promised.

We do not have the luxury of waiting for politicians to decide our fate. We do not have the time to be brushed aside, hoping that HB 111 will be taken to the Senate floor for a vote at a later time. Republican leaders must know that they have run out of places to hide and must bring HB 111 out of the Finance Committee where it is being held hostage. This Bill must go to a full Senate floor vote NOW!


* CALL PRESIDENT PRO TEM PHIL BERGER (919.733.5708) & RULES CHAIR TOM APODACA (919.733.5745): Tell them to send HB 111 to the Senate floor IMMEDIATELY!
* EMAIL ALL SENATE REPUBLICANS using the copy-and-paste email list and message below to deliver either the pre-written message or your own.
* CALL YOUR STATE SENATOR, whom you can find by going to:
* (Note: You will need your 9-digit zip, which can be found on your driver's license.)
* HELP GRNC DEFEND GUN RIGHTS: We are now reaching over 60,000 gun owners with every alert (like this one). This costs $500 per alert - serious money. Please join or contribute by going to:!

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Suggested Subject: "More restaurant robberies: Will it take another death for Republicans to act?"

Dear Senate Republican:

Each passing day brings us news of yet another robbery or vicious killing in one or more of North Carolina's restaurants. While law-abiding, responsible gun owners are severely handicapped by state law in terms of protecting themselves, criminals continue to victimize patrons and employees of restaurants around the state at will.

You have promised me that you would support reasonable and common sense legislation that is designed to enhance my safety, and that of my family. HB 111 would do just that. Yet, you have chosen to delay the bill intentionally by sending it to the Senate Finance Committee where there is a good chance that it will die.

I urge you to reconsider this tactic and take HB 111 out of the Finance Committee and bring it to an immediate full vote on the Senate floor so it can then be moved closer to passage. Doing so will greatly enhance my ability to protect the lives of my family as well as my own.

I will be closely following your actions concerning HB 111 through the efforts of Grass Roots North Carolina, as well as keeping notes for the upcoming elections in November.


UPDATE: The Winston-Salem Journal is reporting that two men robbed a Sonic drive-in yesterday evening in Winston-Salem. The time to pass HB 111 is now.

UPDATE II: The State Senate Finance Committee is meeting today. The agenda lists a number of bills for consideration. However, HB 111 is not one of them.


  1. But... but... there will be 'blood in teh streets"... sigh...

  2. I thought you could not carry in restaurants where alcohol is sold and consumed? Can you not carry in ANY restaurant even if no alcohol is served there?

  3. Yes you can carry if alcohol is not served.

  4. Currently the law is still no area with both sold & consumed. Makes NO SENSE - being that you can not legally take a drink and carry anyway, which is the total point that all these folks are missing. They see the word Alcohol and gun in the same phrase and think they are providing sanction for those to drink while carrying. Understandable if you are going into a full bare/night club only because of the supposed ' drunks ' around that would be in confrontation. But into a family restaurant, Chinese bistro, FudRuckers, etc just because they offer a glass of wine or bottle of beer that never gets near the table? I truly hope this gets reversed soon. All of our border states permit Restaurant carry, yet the mass bloodshed at the salad bar has not come to fruition as they argue.