Friday, June 29, 2012

Sorry Heath, This Doesn't Cut It

Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC) is usually a reliable vote on Second Amendment issues and is one of the leaders of the Blue Dog Democrats. He decided not to run for re-election earlier this year. His Chief of Staff, Hayden Rogers, is the Democratic nominee for the seat and was endorsed in the primary by the NRA-PVF. Rogers will face the winner of the Republican run-off primary.

Yesterday, Shuler was one of the 67 no votes on H. Res. 711 which is the contempt citation for Attorney General Eric Holder. He released this to press explaining his vote.
“Today the House of Representatives proved once again that dysfunction and partisanship rule the day. The vote to hold Attorney General Holder in Contempt of Congress after the Department of Justice released the requested information demonstrates that Congress has lost touch. While I strongly believe that the Department of Justice should fully cooperate with Congress to ensure transparency in the “Fast and Furious” operation, this motion lacks an enforcement mechanism to make it anything more than politically motivated. Further, I am disappointed that though an agreement could have been reached, the Majority has opted to use this vote as a fundraising mechanism to rally the base. It is no wonder I have opted to retire.”
I'm sorry but I have to raise the BS flag on this. The Department of Justice did NOT release the requested information prior to the vote. The DOJ has given the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee approximately 7,600 documents out of an estimated 140,000 (or even larger 250,000 documents according to some sources). If Mr. Shuler considers this releasing the requested information, he is sorely mistaken.

If there is a problem with the enforcement mechanism, it is only because a) the US Attorney for the District of Columbia is a Democrat and b) the Republican leadership does not want to use their inherent contempt power to arrest Holder.

As to his impending retirement, with four years in the NFL and six in Congress, we should all be so lucky to get the retirement checks he'll be getting for 10 years of work.

So, Heath, this BS Flag is for you!

BS Flag gif


  1. I was really disappointed in Heath on this one. He's usually pretty good on 2A issues. I think it underscores how much pressure the Dem leadership put them under.

  2. @George: I agree. However, as a lame duck, he could have told Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer to stuff it. With about six months left to serve, what could they do to him?

    For someone who have been with the NRA on most issues, this was a pretty sorry performance and even worse excuse.

  3. Makes you wonder what they had on him, then. He could have passed on voting.

  4. @Ian: You're correct. He could have joined the petulant masses of angry Dems doing their walkout or just been "ill" yesterday instead of voting no.

    1. OTOH, he's not a professional politician, and as such may actually have been expressing a personal view. This contempt vote was an attack on the administration; he may have viewed it as unjustified.

    2. @Ian: Shuler has never been a fan of Obama and even less a fan of Pelosi. I don't think it was necessarily his personal view. I have a gut feeling it was written by his staff and specifically his Chief of Staff Hayden Rogers.

    3. Inherited from the previous occupant, by any chance? At any rate, that explanation shaves best with Occam's Razor.

  5. Well, it turns out that of the 2 Republicans who decided that it was okay to allow the Cover Up by Holder and others, one of them, LaTourette of Ohio, just happens to be the Congress Critter for Breda and I.

    Guess he doesn't need my Vote anymore, so I'll have to give it to the Democrat come November.