Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Communique From Behind Enemy Lines

Magpul Industries released a statement today on Facebook after Gov. John Hickenlooper had signed HB 1224 into law along with two other gun control measures. I must say I am a little shocked at the number of magazines that they have already shipped under the Boulder Airlift as well as the number they plan to ship before the July 1st implementation date of the new law.

All I can say to the anti-gunners - good luck trying to enforce that loser of a law. Sheriff John Cooke of Weld County was correct - it is unenforceable.
With the signing of the HB 1224, we want to reassure Colorado residents, now officially in occupied territory, that the "Boulder Airlift" will continue until we can no longer legally ship to CO residents at the approach of the July 1 deadline, so long as demand continues.

We are looking at additional ways to give Coloradans the opportunity to buy the magazines they need prior to the enactment date, as although we've been swamped with tens of thousands of orders, our shipping department limitations have only allowed us to get a few hundred thousand magazines out to CO residents...a small portion of our monthly production. We'll continue to support the Airlift as long as demand exists, and up to the active date of the legislation, and we've allocated a little over a million magazines for the effort up to that point, give or take.

Customers in the rest of the country should rest assured that the airlift only takes a small portion of our production, and magazines and other products are continuing to ship to the rest of the nation. Our transition to a new home will occur in a phased and orderly a manner to allow us to continue to serve our customers during the move, as well as to allow an orderly transition for affected employees. We are actively working on those plans.

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  1. It's time to partition the country. No freedom-lover belongs in People's Republics like Massachusetts, New York, California, etc. If all freedom lovers concentrate in freedom-loving states, we can control them completely and leave the others to fail, under the tyranny they crave.