Sunday, March 24, 2013

I'm So Vain

I'm so vain.

Earlier today, I hit my one millionth visitor. I'm a little stunned and a lot gratified that so many people thought what I had to say was important enough that they paid this blog a visit. To everyone who has taken time to read this blog, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

When I started this blog on May 19, 2010 after the NRA Annual Meeting in Charlotte, I had absolutely no idea that it would grow as it has. I am the first to say that it would not have grown as it has if it wasn't for both luck and for links, referrals, and advice from other bloggers. I want to give special thanks to Sebastian at Shall Not Be Questioned, Chance at SayUncle, Michael Bane, Gun Rights Examiners David Codrea and Kurt Hofmann, Mike Vanderboegh at Sipsey Street, Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, Sean Sorrentino at A NC Gun Blog, Linoge at Walls of the City, and Thirdpower at Days of our Trailers. They linked to me early and often and I will always be appreciative of that. To them and to every other blogger, thanks!

Finally, the Complementary Spouse has provided me with encouragement from the start. She has been a sounding board, an editor, and a proofreader. She has heard me rant and rave about this politician and that gun control bill. Like all good women, she has listened patiently and kept me grounded. I will never be able to thank her enough.

I guess this leaves just one more thing to do to close out this post - and I'll leave that to Carly.

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