Friday, March 8, 2013

Noted "Insurrectionist" On IGOLD 2013

That noted insurrectionist Roy Kubicek aka Thirdpower has a post up with full coverage of the Illinois State Rifle Association's IGOLD 2013 on his blog Days of Our Trailers. IGOLD stands for Illinois Gun Owner Lobbying Day.

Thirdpower has some great pictures of the march through Springfield as well as the speakers at the Prairie Capitol Convention Center. Of particular note is Mary Shepard who was the lead plaintiff in Shepard v. Madigan.

Picture by Thirdpower, Mary Shepard next to David & Colleen Lawson.

Roy, for those that don't know, was singled out by Joshua Horwitz of CSGV for attention during Horwitz's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Of course, Horwitz used a severely edited and selective quote of Roy's blog post. More on that here.

* I just noticed that this was my 3000th post. I'm glad to see it was on the efforts of the gun owners of Illinois to preserve and protect their Second Amendment rights.

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