Monday, March 11, 2013

Gun Bills In Colorado

Today is the day that the Colorado State Senate votes on five gun control bills. Two other gun control bills - concealed carry on campus and liability for "assault-style weapons" - were killed by their sponsors.

HB 1229 - Universal Background Checks - has passed the Senate 19 - 16. The lone Democrat to vote against it was Sen. Lois Tochtrop (D-Thornton). It will now go back to the House to get agreement on amendments added in the Senate.

HB 1228 - Background Check Fees - was passed by the Senate 19 - 16. Sen. Andy Kerr (D-Lakewood) was the only Democrat to oppose the bill. This bill would impose a $10 plus fee for each background check by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. This bill now goes to Gov. John Hickenlooper who has indicated he will sign it.

SB 197 - bans guns for domestic abusers - was passed by the Senate on a 20-15 party line vote. It now goes to the House for passage there. Anyone with either a conviction for domestic abuse or a protective order would have to surrender their firearms within 24 hours. This could be extended to 72 hours by a judge's order.

SB 195 - Online Training - passed the State Senate on a 22-13 vote. This bill would ban online training for a concealed carry permit. It no goes to the House for passage.

The final bill - HB 1224 - which would ban magazines with a greater than 15 round capacity is still being debated. This was the most controversial bill due to Colorado magazine manufacturer Magpul's determination to leave the state if it is passed.

UPDATE: HB 1224 passed the Colorado Senate on a 18-17 vote a few minutes ago. It will now go back to the House because the Senate amended the bill with a change to the shotgun provision.
A Democratic sponsored bill that limits ammunition magazines of more than 15 rounds passed through the Senate Monday, despite some members of the party defecting and casting votes in opposition to the measure.

The bill passed on a 18-17 vote, with Democratic Sens. Democratic Cheri Jahn of Wheat Ridge and Lois Tochtrop of Thornton voting against it. Two Republican lawmakers on Monday said they will disobey the measure if it becomes law.
Unless Gov. John Hickenlooper veotes this bill when it reaches his desk, Magpul and a few other companies will be saying, "Hey, hey, Goodbye!"


  1. They just passed HB 1224. Hope Magpul finds new digs soon.

  2. The Democrats in Colorado beat up the responsible gun owners. That is gun bigotry at work.