Sunday, March 24, 2013


The state of Colorado has been saddled with a number of new gun control measures ranging from restrictions on standard capacity magazines to universal background checks. This has so dominated the news regarding gun rights in that state that I almost forgot about another story that has pretty much flown under the radar.

Last August, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives moved around a number of field division heads. The Denver Field Division got a new Special Agent in Charge whose name should be very familiar to readers of this blog - Andrew Traver. At the time of his transfer from Chicago, Traver was still the official nominee to become the Director of BATFE.

Traver had this to say about working in Denver:

I am highly encouraged to see the great cooperative relationships ATF has established with our law enforcement partners throughout the entire Denver Field Division,” said Mr. Traver. “We will continue to target the most violent offenders with the goal of reducing violent crime and making our communities safer place s to live.”
I know it is just a coincidence that Traver is the SAC of the Denver Field Division and that Colorado is now saddled with new gun control laws. Still you have to wonder if Mr. Traver was doing any behind the scenes lobbying for new gun control laws.

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