Friday, March 15, 2013

For Reloaders

Once Fired 7.62 NATO brass

My favorite military surplus dealer, Old Grouch's Military Surplus, just got in some once fired 7.62 NATO and 5.56x45 brass. I picked up a box of 500 of the 7.62 brass today. Tim is selling it for $99.95 a box.

After examining the headstamps, I found brass from Lake City (LC), PMC (PSD) in South Korea, and 205th Arsenal in Taiwan. This was all US military sourced brass. Tim has compared the weight of the non-US made brass and it was equal to that from the Lake City Ammo Plant.

When I purchased my brass this afternoon, they only had about 16 boxes left that were not spoken for. They also had quite a few boxes of the 5.56 brass. Contact Tim for more info on the 5.56 brass.

Jamison Brass and Ammo

I came across this company from a reloading list to which I belong. Jamison Brass is now a division of Captech International.

What caught my eye is the range of obscure brass that they produced. It isn't often that you can find brass in such calibers as .256 Newton or .303 Savage.

It gets even better if you are a hunter of African big game and have one of the old African big game rifles. They offer brass in such calibers as .577 Nitro Express, .375 Flanged Magnum, .416 Rigby, and .500 Jeffrey. Michael Bane can even get his .450-400 Nitro Express 3" brass for his safari to Africa.

Knowing that I can get brass for some of these calibers may make me look twice at old guns up for auction like a Savage 99 in .303 Savage Moreover, it will let some of them be put back into action for hunting or sport and that is good.


  1. Nice, I'll add them to my check list for stuff...

  2. And even though I was QUICK LIKE BUNNY, they were still sold out of 450-400! I mean, who else buys this stuff? Craig Boddington? Mark Keefe? The ghost of Peter Capstick? It's about obscure as it gets. I'm actually the only person I've met who likes shooting a 7-pound rifle with this thumper.

    I have a Ruger #1 in 45-70 on order so I can put a bunch more rounds downrange when the Big Thaw finally happens here in Occupied Colorado, and I'll take both of them to Africa this fall. By then Colorado will have banned single shot rifles because they can be reloaded...

    Michael B

    1. I bet if you asked real nicely they might do another run. How often do they get a well-known TV producer asking for .450-400 Nitro?