Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ammo Sales Report From Kalifornistan

The Crossroads of the West Gun Show was held in Sacramento this past weekend. The local CBS station, Channel 13, sent a reporter out to the show held at Cal Expo for a report.

From the looks of things, these people were not just buying a few boxes. Anytime you need a handcart to move your ammo, that's a lot!


  1. Well John, I worked the Medina, Ohio Gun Show this past weekend, and no one was moving Ammo out on Handtrucks.

    There wasn't that much TO move. The Well's getting Dry up here.

    FYI: Brick of .22LR? $100+. Pistol Ammo (cheap Ball)?: $20-25 a Box. Rifle Ammo? $1-$1.5 a ROUND.

    Hopefully, now that the Federal AWB is DOA, prices will start dropping.

  2. Out here is Kalifornia all the gun shows are catered to by either Miwall Ammunition wholesalers from Grass Valley who show up with a semi full of ammo and the LAX Range with a couple of trucks. They are the only two big suppliers at this time here and people purchase pallet jacks full of ammo from them for thousands of dollars per sale after waiting two hours in an ammunition line, after waiting another couple of hours to get in the gun show. That is, if the fire Marshall hasn't put a lid on the attendance thus further delaying entry.It's astounding! The rest of the vendors have one or two boxes here and there for sale. There is one more outfit located in San Fernando CA(part of L.A.)that is new to the business and is trying to expand their line. I get my .44 specials from him. Remember all the guys who had reloading businesses that would work gun shows where I could get my .30Cal Mauser and stuff like that from? I don't see any of them anymore.

    While the current Democratic Party pursues the course of demolishing multiple Amendments of the Constitution in the name of overarching Statism, both Federally and at the state and local levels, I don't believe the demand will decrease much if any.

    I went to the one and only gun store in the westside of Los Angeles today to restock the NRA handout display and took some time to see what they had in stock to sell. Virtually nothing is the way I would characterize it. Mostly obscure curios and relics in rare to find calibers.